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Dog Trick Training 
Portland Oregon


Trick Training For High Energy Dogs

Starting at $90

Not all dogs can learn tricks- most if not all high energy dogs can learn them though! Are you wanting a solid game of fetch so you can exercise your dog easily? Do you want your kids more involved in your dogs training? I teach tricks because A- its so much fun! But more importantly B- for a high energy dog, tricks are cognitively enriching. High energy dogs are meant to WORK. Trick training is a great way to put your dog to work in a fun and interactive way.

Sit Down and Beyond is located in Portland, Oregon. We offer in home training, travel and dog boarding and training. 

Joshua A.

Shuli has been excellent in teaching us techniques help our girl learn good manners!

Jacob B.

Our pup loves Shuli and the trust they've built is magical to watch. We wish we'd contacted Shuli earlier. The work they've done with us has been invaluable to cultivating a respectful and mutual relationship with our dog.

Tamar K. 

Great trainer, very professional and gets the job done. Highly recommended!!!
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