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Services We Offer

Dog trainer portland oregon with muzzled dog


Starting at $120

Can you fix reactivity with positive training methods? These are the cases I am most passionate about. Because whatever method you use, are you are changing how the dog feels internally or just how the dog behaves externally? Is the dog provided relief in a stressful situation? Am I repressing an emotion or making the dog more confident. These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself when working with a reactive or aggressive dog.

foundational obdience pet trainer portland oregon


Starting at $90

Basic obedience and canine etiquette. All dogs can learn obedience commands no matter the age or breed. Party tricks are fun but obedience is life saving. Obedient dogs do not run away, come when called, leave things they shouldn’t mess with and give you their full attention when you need it. Likewise, etiquette is just as important. Dogs that know how to greet dogs and people gracefully get in less fights and are less reactive. Great for young puppies or unruly adults.

behavior modification dog trainer Oregon


Starting at $120

Is your dog a menace? Can't be left alone? Counter surfer? Problematic on a leash? Pulling? Chewing? Excessive Barking? Anxious? Coprophagous? Behavior modification is for those of us that have perfect angels except when they… have difficult behaviors. We find out what the triggers are to these behaviors and rewire your dogs mind to find pleasure in these triggers. We will teach you force free techniques to manage or eliminate the behavior all together.

home dog boarding and training portland oregon


Starting at $180/day

Sometimes a board and train is the best option for your dog's behavior journey. Contact for more details if you think this is something your dog needs.

pet grooming service for dogs and pet parents


Starting at $90

This service is meant for dogs that need to be desensitized and taught how to be handled and groomed, great for breeds with hair. It is also meant for pet parents who want to learn how to do the basics at home such as bathing, brushing, and nail trims.

dog and puppy trick training service Portland Oregon


Starting at $90

Not all dogs can learn tricks- most if not all high energy dogs can learn them though! Are you wanting a solid game of fetch so you can exercise your dog easily? Do you want your kids more involved in your dogs training? I teach tricks because A- its so much fun! But more importantly B- for a high energy dog, tricks are cognitively enriching. High energy dogs are meant to WORK. Trick training is a great way to put your dog to work in a fun and interactive way.

Exclusive Services

Private Doggy Day Camp Portland Oregon with Sit Down and Beyond

Offleash Academy

$80/half day - additional $20 for pick up and drop off

Offleash Academy dogs work on recall, stay, and walking by their humans side. We make sure your dogs' social, physical and mental needs are met as well as reliability off the leash. Great for dogs who’s humans would like them to go on adventure hikes but are not yet ready to be off leash in the wild.

Overnight dog Boarding Portland Oregon


$100 per night

Going on vacation and want your pup to stay with someone they love? Drop 'em off and go have fun. We got you covered. 

Dog Adventure Hikes with Trainer Portland Oregon



2 hours in the woods with pick up and drop off. Available to dogs who have excellent recall or have graduated from the Offleash Academy

Group Classes

Dog Impulse Control Classes with Dog Trainer Portland Oregon


$300 - 6 Sessions

This class focuses on greeting etiquette, play etiquette, disrupting play, recall with high distraction, how to hold a perfect stay and sustain a heel. Class is best for those who have unleashed goals in mind! Big and small dogs are taught in separate classes.

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