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Behavior Modification for Dogs  in Portland, Oregon


Our Modification Method

Starting at $120

Is your dog causing trouble? Unable to stay alone? Engaging in counter-surfing? Facing issues on a leash, such as pulling? Prone to chewing or excessive barking? Exhibiting signs of anxiety or coprophagy? Behavior modification is designed for those who have otherwise well-behaved dogs except when they display challenging behaviors. We identify the triggers for these behaviors and work to rewire your dog's mindset to find joy in alternative stimuli. We'll guide you through force-free techniques to effectively manage or eliminate these behaviors altogether.

Sit Down and Beyond is located in Portland, Oregon. We offer in home training, travel and dog boarding and training. 

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Rel B.

I cannot say enough good things about Shuli and his training! He has helped us and our pets feel more safe and have a direction on how to manage any potential behaviors that may come up in the future. Thank you Shuli!

Jen R.

Shuli’s training methods are amazing. He works with you and your dog to design a training program that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle and the specific behavior challenges you are trying to address. Our aggressive, reactive, anxious rescue has become a much better canine citizen, and our bond and mutual trust has strengthened in the short time we worked with Shuli.

Morgan S.

Shuli will teach you the tools you’ll need to strengthen the bond between you and your beloved dog. I couldn’t be happier with the education and training he has given me; both between my dog and I
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