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Dog Foundation Training in Portland, Oregon


Dog Training Foundations

Starting at $120

Fundamental obedience and proper canine behavior are essential. Regardless of age or breed, all dogs can grasp obedience commands. While party tricks may be entertaining, obedience holds the potential to be life-saving. An obedient dog responds promptly, refrains from running away, follows commands to leave items alone, and offers undivided attention when needed. Similarly, canine etiquette plays a crucial role. Dogs that can gracefully greet other dogs and people are less prone to conflicts and exhibit lower reactivity levels.

Sit Down and Beyond is located in Portland, Oregon. We offer in home training, travel and dog boarding and training. 

Great for young puppies or unruly adults.

Paul S.

Shuli helped me learn now to use positive reinforcement to help my former street dog feel more safe and secure when out on walks and off lead with other dogs. His love for dogs and his commitment to his own professional training and development clearly shows in the work that he does!

Ahsia P.

Shuli not only helped our dog be a better puppy but he also helped us be better dog owners.

Lilo A.

Incredible trainer! Did wonders for my desperate-for-attention, high energy rescue dog. Shuli gives useful tools and thorough advice to pet parents and meets every dog where they're at with compassion and positive reinforcement.
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