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Positive training for
dogs & their humans.

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About Me

About Us

Positive & Science Based Dog Training!

Hello! My name is Shuli!


My passion is to help dogs and their humans to live in harmony. My mission is to open a line of communication between you and your pet to promote a healthy relationship and avoid strife. 


Positive reinforcement training has been proven time and again to be the only reliable and long-lasting training method for dogs. I use treats, toys, and play as a tool to teach your dog cues, good behavior, and etiquette. 


I specialize in problem behaviors such as excessive barking, resource guarding, leash pulling & reactivity, jumping, bad greeting etiquette, aggression, and anything else from basic obedience and up to poop eating!

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My Method
My Method

Train Your Dog Positively!

What is positive training..? In a nutshell, positive training is the practice of teaching dogs through the use of reward. Rewards can be anything that a particular dog finds valuable in the moment it is learning, some dogs value play, others value food while others place praise as their number one reward. Rewards are situational, you need to constantly ask yourself “what does my dog want right now?!” Positive training can be used to teach cues, modify behavior and also to fix issues such as anxiety or aggression. My method is based on science, psychology, compassion and patience.


They’re not wolves, we’re not wolves and there is no need to be the “alpha” or “pack leader”. They are dogs and we are humans. We assume the role of caregiver and guide.


Sit Down & Beyond does not use or condone the use of pain, intimidation or fear to teach a dog.

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